Tropical Water Plants
bog lily hosking nursery
Bog Lily  A perennial herb with an onion-like bulb. The flowers grow on a long stalk separate from the leaves. The flowers have six petals and are white or white and pink.

calla lily hosking nursery
Calla Lily  Naturally grows in wet marshlands, these hardy plants grow large ornamental lilies that come with white, yellow or pink funnel shaped flowers.

canna flower hosking nursery
Canna Varieties Any of 19 members of the Canna genus of flowering plants. They are noted for both their ease of growth in a variety of conditions and extraordinarily showy flowers.

dwarf papyrus  bog plant hosking nursery
Dwarf Papyrus  An aquatic plant noted for its tufted umbrella-like foliage. The tops start out a yellow-green that turns a bronze color in late summer.

umbrella palm
Dwarf Umbrella Palm A lovely pond plant that produces ribbon-like leaves and small beige colored flowers. Umbrella palms prefer full or partial sunlight.

giant egyptian papyrus plants
Giant Egyptian Papyrus  A large tufted aquatic plant noted for its leafless stem and fluffy feather-like top. A graceful and exotic addition to any water garden.

marble queen watergarden plant
Marble Queen A lovely marbled, heart shaped leaf aquatic plant.  When kept in full sunlight the leaves turn nearly white while those in shade turn green. Hardy and easy to grow, this plant is perfect for beginning gardeners.

mosaic aquatic plant
Mosaic Plant A floating aquatic plant that produces diamond shaped red and green leaves and small yellow flowers. The flowers are beautiful but it is the pattern produced by the leaves that makes this a wonderful water garden plant.
star grass
Star Grass Wetland loving perennial, Star Grass grows to about 3 feet and become cover with pretty white bell shaped flowers that give the appearance of frost covering the plant.

taro garden plant
Taro Varieties  This popular pond  plant grows up to 5 feet tall and is known for its large elephant ear shaped leaves... thus its common name "Elephant Ears".

umbrella palm
Umbrella Palm  A popular ornamental plant, widely cultivated for its distinctive feathery, drooping leaves with silvery-blue sheaths.

variegated society garlic
Variegated Society Garlic  Despite its name this lovely flowering plant is a member of the lily family. It produces small lilac colored flowers atop narrow stalks.

water hawthorne aquatic plant
Water Hawthorne A flowering aquatic plant that is ideal for colder climes as they will continue to produce lovely white blooms until the water they grow in becomes icy.

water poppy aquatic plant
Water Poppy A water garden plant noted for its thick heart shaped leaves and showy yellow flowers. An excellent choice for creating shade for the fish in koi ponds.

white snow flake aquatic plant
White Snowflake A charming aquatic plant with narrow, strap-like, dark green leaves. The flowers are small and bell-shaped, white with a green or occasionally yellow spot at the end of each petal.

yellow fringe plant
Yellow Fringe A hardy floating a perennial herb that blooms from late June to September. The flowers are showy, with bright yellow to orange flowers that have distinctive fringed lips.