Hardy Water Plants
Arrow Arum Hosking Nursery
Arrow Arum  A perennial with long, dark, fleshy green leaves that have pronounced veins on their undersides and are shaped like arrowheads.

Arrow Head Flower Hosking Nursery
Arrow Head An emergent with large arrowhead shaped leaves. It is a durable plant, tolerant of a variety of sunlight conditions.

Blue Rush Plant
Blue Rush A lovely clumping plant has lush foliage with beautiful blue spike flowers.

Bog Arum Hosking Nursery
Bog Arum  An aquatic plant with deep green glossy leaves forming a dense cluster. It produces white trumpet shaped flowers during the summer.

Bog Bean
Bog Bean A lovely pond plant that produces small green leaves and small white flowers. It grows best in full to partial sunlight.

cardinal flower hummingbird favorite flower
Cardinal Flower A relative of the bluebell, this striking plant produces bright red tube shaped flowers that grow atop spike-like stems.

chameleon plant houttuynia cordata
Chameleon Plant A hardy plant similar in shape to English Ivy. It produces tiny white flowers during the summer but its most appealing characteristic is the multi colored variegated leaves.

common cattail hosking nursery
Common Cattail  Cattails are tall, stiff plants, growing almost ten feet tall. The leaves look like giant blades of grass, about one inch wide. The flower has two parts, a brown cylinder and a yellow spike.

common rush plant
Common Rush  A reed-like plant with hollow, cylindrical stalks and small yellowish flowers.  It has a moderate growth rate and prefers acidic soils.

corkscrew rush
Corkscrew Rush  An irregular clump forming plant whose foliage is round and twisted; deep green in color. Its flowers are sparse and emerge from the sides of the foliage.

cotton grass plant
Cotton Grass A member of the sedge family, this plant’s flower parts form dense, cottony tufts.

dwarf bamboo hosking nursery
Dwarf Bamboo  Any of a number of different bamboo species. These beautiful low growing plants come in a variety of leaf colors and growth habits.

dwarf cattail
Dwarf Cattail Similar in most respects to common cattails, only smaller. They are also less prone to running and taking over a pong or garden.

dwarf horsetail reed aquatic plant
Dwarf Horsetail Reed  A small plant similar in nearly all respects to the horsetail reed.

golden club aquatic pond plant
Golden Club  An arum plant that produces broad funnel shaped leaves and tiny yellow flowers. It prefers muddy soil and blooms from April to June.
golden japanese sweetflag hosking nursery
Golden Japanese Sweetflag  An ornamental grass noted for its narrow, glossy, foot-long leaves arrayed in fan-like fashion. It produces curious finger shaped white flowers in the early spring.

graceful cattail aquatic plant
Graceful Cattail A cattail with slender, narrow, grayish green leaves that are grooved on one side and rounded on the other. Flower spikes have light brown flowers above the dark brown flowers below.

green houtuynia hosking nursery
Green Houtuynia A popular pond plant with triangle shaped leaves that vary in size relative to the height of the plant. It produces small white flowers in the late summer.

hardy thalia aquatic plant
Hardy Thalia An aquatic perennial that features long-stalked canna like foliage and violet blue flowers. Striking violet flowers appear in late summer.

horsetail reed
Horsetail Reed  A water loving plant with slender stems are hollow and jointed, similar to bamboo. A clump of stems together creates the bushy look that is the inspiration for the common name.

Japanese rush aquatic plant
Japanese Rush A glossy pale green and cream variegated, grass-like plant. It grows best in full sunlight.

lizard's tail
Lizard's Tail A perennial plant that has a hairy erect stem with few or no branches. The flowers consists of a spike of many small whitish flowers that forms an arching, tail-like shape.

Moneywort Also called the wandering Jenny, this low growing plant produces lovely yellow flowers in mid summer. It prefers moist, rich, shaded soils.

narrow leaf cattail
Narrow Leaf Cattail  Similar to Common Cattail, but the leaves are narrower as their name implies. The leaves are stiff and bladelike. The leaves are attached to a slender stiff stalk that holds the flowers high above the water.

pink pickerel aquatic plant
Pink Pickerel Rush  An ornamental rush that produces a profusion of bright pink flowers in the summer. The plant’s foliage is dark green and broad.

purple pickerel rush aquatic plant
Purple Pickerel Rush  A popular water garden plant with heart-shaped leaves atop long, spongy stems. Short spikes of purple flowers are produced in late spring and summer.

variegated ribbon grass
Ribbon Grass An ornamental grass that provides excellent ground cover. It produces small white flowers in late summer and early fall.

spike rush aquatic plant
Spike Rush  A slender rush with erect green stems that arise in clumps from relatively shallow roots and can form dense mats. The stems are topped by brown flower heads in summer.

sweet manna grass
Sweet Manna Grass Several species of ornamental grass noted for its smooth arching pinkish leaves form a spreading clump supporting stalks of creamy flower sprays in summer.
tawny day lilly
Tawny Daylily A perennial grown for their flowers that come in a variety of colors, and many shapes and sizes. Daylilies bloom from late spring until autumn. Individual flowers last only one day but since each plant produces many buds showy displays last about a month.

tricolor ribbon grass
Tricolor Ribbon Grass   A species of ribbon grass noted for its pink, white, and green variegated leaves.

variegated dwarf bamboo
Variegated Dwarf Bamboo A variety of dwarf bamboo that grows to about 3 feet in height. The stalks are a color mixture of green and white stripes.

variegated rush acquatic plant
Variegated Rush A marginal rush with green and creamy white foliage forming dense clumps. Requires full sun to partial shade.

variegated sweet flag
Variegated Sweet Flag  An ornamental grass that produces cream and green striped, sword-like foliage. It produces small flower trumpet-like spikes.

variegated water celery aquatic plant
Variegated Water Celery  Is one of the Kois' favorite food. This type of Water Celery enjoys sunny to partially shaded conditions.  It will grow directly in the water or in pots.

water celery aquatic plant
Water Celery   Likes a sunny location or one that is lightly shaded.  In mid July through August tiny cluster of white flowers appears. Water celery can be grown in pots or in the water.

water clover acquatic plant
Water Clover  This aquatic fern grows in wetlands.  The decorative clover-like leaves float on the water surface. Plant in the shallow water along the edge of the pond or use in pots partly submerged.

forget me not
Water Forget-Me-Not  Inhabits a wide range of wet lands. It develops a spray gray-blue flowers from June through to mid fall. It usually grows on damp ground but will also take to water.

water iris aquatic plant
Water Iris  Can be grown in the water or adjacent, these irises grow pretty flowers that come in a variety of colors.

water mint aquatic plant
Water Mint A lush edge cover with a minty fragrance and lavender flowers. Can withstand full shade. Water mint can float on the surface or be planted.

water pennyworth aquatic plant
Water Pennywort A small plant that seldom exceeds 10 inches in height.  Leaves are round and tiny flowers are on separate stalks as tall or taller than the leaves

white pickeral rush aquatic plant
White Pickerel Rush   The 1' to 2' tall attractive shiny foliage thrives in full sun or part shade. With white blossoms that have an incredibly long blooming period.

zebra rush aquatic plant
Zebra Rush  The stems are green with cream colored bands and a small flowers that bloom at the tip. Zebra Rush does well  with quite a bit of shade.